On this page, you can find quality demands I have to adhere to as a lactation consultant. You can also read how jou can file a complaint wgen you are not happy with the care you received. 

General terms and conditions

Here you can read the general terms and conditions (in Dutch). 


The WHO-code is called the 'International Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes'. It means that parents should be able to make a choice regarding feeding their baby without being inflenced by commercial parties. In the Netherlands, advertisement for babyfood under six months is prohibited, thanks to the WHO-code. The WHO-code is more extensive than the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety act and the european laws and regulations. 

However, I don't only work with brands and companies who adhere to the WHO-code. This is the reason why I don't advertise for certain brands. 


The WHO-code wants:
- to protect and promote breastfeeding;
- parents to have correct and sufficient information;
- that substitus for human milk - when necessaruy - are used correct;
- that guidlines regardining sales and advertisement for babyfood are adhered to.

You can read the WHO-code here


A lactation consultant can use the title IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) when her experience and educational hours adhere to the demands of the IBLCE and she has completed the international exam. A lactation consultant IBCLC has to recertify every five years through CERPS (Continuing Education Recognition Points). 

Profile Lactation Consultant IBCLC (in Dutch)


The "Nederlandse Vereniging van Lactatiekundigen (NVL)" is the Dutch association of certified Lactation Consultants IBCLC.

Every child has a right of breastfeeding and all parents have a right on healthy family formation. The Duth association of lactation consultants stands for the professional effort of lactation consultants IBCLC to parents and children during this phase of life. 

1. The NVL strives to create a wide social support to see breastfeeding as the standard;
2. The lactation consultant IBCLC is the specialist for professional high quality care for breastfeeding;
3. The association connects, supports and strengthens the lactation consultant IBCLC working in differrent fields in Dutch society and strives for multidisciplinary cooperation;
4. Every family gets, upon request, care from a lactation consultant IBCLC. This effort of the lactation consultant IBCLC works preventive and cost effective in national health care.

Complaint procedure

There may be a situation in which you are not satisfied with the care and support you received from your Lactation Consultant IBCLC. The first step we encourage you to take is to discuss your dissatisfaction with your personal IBCLC. In case the result of such a conversation is not satisfactory or if you feel not or insufficiently heard, you can file a complaint.

Every Lactation Consultant IBCLC has the legal obligation to be registered with an external complaint institution, where you as a client can file your complaint.

This institution is an independent organisation. It functions in the role of mediator at first. Would this turn out to not be enough to meet your needs, then further steps are possible within this institution. Their verdict is binding.

Next to this, you can inform the international body for IBCLCs about your situation. You can do this by filing a complaint through IBLCE (International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners), the organisation that is internationally responsible for the certification of and professional guidelines for Lactation Consultants IBCLC. You can find more information on IBLCE’s website, where you can also find a complaint form.


Complaints can apply to the following topics:

- Financial disputes
- Privacy violation
- Insufficient communication by the IBCLC
- Incorrect or incomplete advice
- Insufficient reporting or record-keeping towards you or the healthcare provider who reffered you to the IBCLC
- Health damage to mother or infant
- Other violations of the code of conduct or professional standards

You can read the full text of the complaint procedure here (in Dutch).


As client it is good to know how a lactation consultant handles personal data. 

Here you can read more about the privacy protocol (in Dutch).