About me

I am Marieke Niemeijer, lactation consultant IBCLC. Besides that I am an obstetric doctor in Haaglanden Medisch Centrum in The Hague and I am an epidemiologist. 

In 2012, I graduated as a medical doctor. After my study, I did a PhD trajectory and followed a study to become an epidemiologist. I have always had a passion for obstetrics, and therefore I started training to be an obstetric doctor which I finished in 2017. As an obstetric doctor I guide pregnant women who are checked by the hospital during pregnancy and delivery, because of a complication or a medical condition of mother or baby. I care for them during pregnancy, delivery and the first weeks after the delivery. During my work, my interest regarding breastfeeding grew. During my medical study, I have (hardly) learned anything about breastfeeding. However, during my work, I frequently encountered breastfeeding women, and I wanted to be able to help them better. 

I have two sons, who both have been breastfeeding. Because both were born premature, I have had several challenges during breastfeeding. This has strengthened my interest in breastfeeeding: why do problems occur sometimes and how can they be solved? I gained this knowledge during my study to become a lactation consultant. 

As a medical doctor I have extensive knowledge about the human body and the influence of disease and medication on the function of the body. My work as an obstetric doctor gives me insight into the influence of a complicated pregnancy and delivery on parents and the baby. Because of my training as an epidemiologist I have solid knowledge about scientific research and I know how to judge it. Combined with my knowledge as a lactation consultant I hope to be able to help you and your baby to reach your breastfeeding goals. Whether this is breastfeeding during the first weeks, untill six months or for however long you and your baby want to continue.